Simmons Futons – A Wide Range Of Choice In Futon

The Simmons furniture company has been specializing in oak futon for the last twenty years. They are in the furniture business since 1981; the company began manufacturing futon out of oak on vendor demand. The result was an instant success with every single piece of the product being completely sold out. Two decades ago when futons were not as familiar with the American public, Simmons created a wholesome futon package, which included frames, mattresses, and covers. The company has some firsts to its credit like being the first to manufacture futon frames to sofa height. At Simmons, new developments in futon frame styles and mattress is an ongoing process.

Product Features Of Simmons Futon Mattresses

Futon mattresses range from Simmons, comes in thirty-one different varieties with prices ranging from US$134 to US$349. Out of the thirty-one three are foam mattresses and the remaining 28 comes with innerspring construction. The innerspring mattresses come in 8-inch thickness. The futons come in full, queen and chair size dimensions. Further, the full and chair versions come with tufted designer covers from leading designers.

In terms of body support, you have mattresses that offer soft, medium and firm support. The Simmons futons viceroy mattress made out of premium HR foam is manufactured to provide soft body contouring comfort and support.

A Closer Look At Product Features

There is a range of choice available for those looking for brand innerspring futon mattresses. The price range for the innerspring category ranges from around US$135 to around US$349. Shipping is free, for almost all products. Simmons seems to be an established brand that offers a wide choice in the futon mattress category. Customers can also choose futon chairs and covers from the same brand. The brand also offers futon sets comprising of full futon sets with covers.

Making The Final Decision

If you are looking for Monarch Queen Futon, Comfort Sleep Futon mattresses with oak-based futon frames, then Simmons is the place. They are the pioneers in this field for quite a while. Moreover, the brand has been among the top three mattress manufacturers in the country. There is choice in the price range. Hence, the customer has options while weighing between the product features and the budget.

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