Elite Futon Mattress Reviews

Futons are a necessity of small homes, today. This piece of furniture can be used as both sofa and bed. One of the most important needs of a futon is futon mattress. Futon mattresses of different brands, forms, and materials are available in the market. One of the most reputed brand names for these mattresses is Elite. Elite is the product of the American furniture Alliance Ltd. Their mattresses are made of cotton, foam, polyester and spring.

Some of the Elite futon mattresses are…

Signature Spring 8.5″ Futon Mattress August Lotz

This one is for those looking for an extra plush and comfortable mattress. This mattress weighs 52 lbs. and is made of layers of cotton blended with polyester and layers of foam. The core of the mattress is made of Everwell Bonnel Spring.

Cloud 9 Futon Chair Mattress

This mattress weighs only 17 lbs. It is made of blended cotton and plush foam and is available in different forms like chair and love seat. It consists of 5-inch plush finger touch foam. This foam makes it an ultra comfortable and breathable mattress.