Queen Size Futon Bed Mattresses and The Truth About It

Do you live in a very small apartment and are scratching your head in confusion because you don’t know how to accommodate your guests or create a sleeping space for them? Well, you are not the sole person who is facing this problem. In urban cramped quarters where there is a big shortage of space, sometimes a queen size futon bed mattress is perhaps the only solution.

Whether it is a small apartment or a small house, a student’s quarter or a paying guest accommodation or a hostel, a futon bed mattress can solve many of your problems. In the daytime, it can serve as your sofa, a two seater sofa or a 3 seater sofa, depending on the size. At night you shall stretch out that sofa and spread it out to turn it into a comfortable bed. Don’t you think it is a great space saving furniture?

Japan was the country of the origin of queen size futon bed mattress. And then the American companies brought out their own versions of futon beds which were quite different from the original Japanese design, but nevertheless, the American consumers lapped up the American futons. You will be surprised to know that the American futons have edged out the Japanese futons from the popularity charts in Japan!

In western styled futons, the mattress rests on a wooden or metal bed frame. But the Japanese version is a bit different. It is upon a Tatami mat that the Japanese queen site futon mattress will rest. The Japanese people love to fold and store away their futons in the morning and all through the day to bring it out again at night.

In countries like US and Canada and other western countries, people love to use the futon both as a couch and as a bed and thus in these countries, the futon is a very versatile piece of essential furniture.

What makes the futons all the more popular is the fact that they are sold in a wide variety of sizes and there is one futon to suit every need.

Futon Bed Mattress

Futon Bed Mattress and what you need to know about Inner Spring Futons

Of all the varieties of futon bed mattress, one variety that is recording a sharp increase in demand is the inner spring futon bed mattress. There are different materials out of which they manufacture futon bed mattresses such as 100% cotton, 100% polyester, foam and cotton mix, polyester and cotton mix etc.

One such material is inner spring and these kinds of futon bed mattress are designed for sleeping on as these are very heavy and difficult to fold, but offer great support to the frame.

Inner spring futon bed mattresses are more commonly seen in Japanese households but in contemporary times, American companies also are bringing out inner spring futon mattresses for American consumers and the demand has been fuelled by the shortage of living space in pigeonhole apartments and houses.

Other types of bed mattresses that are popularly used are air mattresses, latex mattresses, memory foam mattresses because all of these are extremely comfortable, but the inner spring futon bed mattresses have their own set of hardcore fan following and these types of bed mattresses are western styled.

Compared to the original futons which were manufactured in Japan, these western styled inner spring futons are more comfortable and as a result, the Japanese are  preferring the western styled futon bed mattress more than the Japanese counterpart of it.  These types of futons provide lot more body support and besides they are softer.

There are multiple foam layers and several springs which constitute an innerspring futon mattress. Unless all the parts and sections are ok, you won’t derive complete comfort and your night’s sleep will get affected.

A cotton cover is usually provided with futon bed mattress. But if you want, you can also opt for polyester or wool cover. Thus it depends on you as to whether you want a synthetic cover or a natural cover. In warmer climates which are hot and sweaty, it is best to settle for cotton covers as they will absorb the sweat. When you settle for natural covers, it will push up the price of the futon bed mattress.

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