Inner Spring Futon Bed Mattresses Facts and Information

When you purchase inner spring futon bed mattresses, you have to keep a few points in mind which I am going to describe in this article. Inner spring futon bed mattresses are usually heavy and therefore they are difficult to fold and store away like the other futon counterparts.

But on the other hand, heavier inner spring mattresses are supposed to provide better comfort and better support to the backbone and the spinal joints. It is always advisable to go for firm inner spring futon bed mattresses since the back will be kept in one straight line on the mattress and when you sleep on such a firm mattress, it will eliminate your back ache, pain and other commonly reported aches.

Although in previous times, the mattresses had to be adjusted manually by ourselves, to fit our form, in current times, the mattresses which are selling like hot cakes in the market will automatically take on the shape of your body and adjust to the contour.

In order to keep the back straight, physicians advise people on sleeping on their tummies or on the back. But since, people nowadays, like to sleep on their sides and the body therefore requires a special kind of support, you have to see that your inner spring futon bed mattress isn’t too firm, for that will create problems.

To cut out aches and pains, while sleeping on your sides, you should opt for a softer futon mattress. This latter one will provide more comfort to your body when you sleep at night, it will take on the shape of your curvature.

In conclusion I will add that it is always wiser to invest in superior quality inner spring futon bed mattresses, even if they set you back by more than you had bargained for. Synthetic staples aren’t that good for your health. So it is best that you settle for natural fibers. And when looking at the coils, test the structure of coils.


How Do I Know Which Futon Bed Mattress Is Ideal For My Needs?

There are quite a few different types of futon beds available in the market and in online stores and they belong to various price ranges. It is easy to get confused between the several types that you will get to see. Let me provide you with some tips that will get you going.

There are two types of futon bed mattresses available nowadays. One is the bi fold variety and the other is the tri fold variety.  If you want the mattress to fold in half lengthwise, just down the middle, then you should go for the bi fold variety. And if you want the frame to hold the mattress in thirds along its width, then you should opt for the tri fold one. In this frame, a third part of the mattress will form the backrest, a third part will constitute the sofa seat and the rest will either slip beneath the seat or fold over the back.

The tri fold futon bed mattress is easier to pack and store away since it occupies less space, but the seating area is less. But you can get a wider seating space with the bi fold frame. The tri fold futon bed mattress when folded up resembles a two seater sofa which is pretty cramped. Compared to that, the bi fold futon bed mattress has more similarity with a traditional sofa set.

If you intend to use your futon mattress primarily as a bed, then I feel the bi fold variety will be a far better choice as it will offer you strength of support, it is more ergonomically designed, it is heavier and more ideal for sleeping on . Besides, they are more pleasing to the eye. You should opt for a tri fold futon bed mattress, only when space has become a very big issue.

As far as comfort is concerned, the bi fold variety will win hands down because it is thick, supportive, rigid, and firm and possesses all the qualities that you would expect from a bed. The tri fold variety isn’t that comfortable for sleeping on. It is more geared towards seating purpose.