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Innovation USA products are known for their sleekness in design and comfort. The company has several years of experience in making sofas, beds, and other furniture. The fact that they know their craft reflects in their futon mattresses.

Often the mattresses come bundled with the beds and Ray Futon Sofa sets of the company. However, one can buy these mattresses alone and use them on the floor or on an existing bed.

It is true that Innovation USA is known more for their exquisitely designed beds and sofas. For starters, it is a Danish company, founded by Flemming Hohfeldt in 1971. They entered the sofa and bed manufacturing segments in 1988. Since then, they have carved a niche in this field by introducing trend-setting designs in the world of home and office furniture.

An Overview Of Innovation USA Mattresses

The company offers several brands and varieties of futon mattresses, of which five are extremely popular. These are the Kappa, the Omega, the Citta, the Zeus, and the Hera mattresses. Each mattress type is different from the other, with the suave design of Innovation USA being the only common factor.

Of the above-mentioned mattresses, the first three are cotton mattresses of the classic mould, while the other two are fusion mattresses. The advantages of fusion mattress are that it appears glitteringly luxurious and it is maintenance free.

On the other hand, classic cotton mattresses exude the elegance typical of cotton material; but these mattresses have to be looked after well and tidied up regularly.

The Kappa mattress has two layers of cotton clothing on both sides of the foam. The foam is made of recycled polyether material and does not contain Freon. These are firm, yet easy on the body. The Omega mattress is undoubtedly the most sought-after type from the Innovation USA fold.

It has all the features of the Kappa mattresses and some more. It has three layers of cotton clothing on both sides of the mattress. It is strong and durable, yet provides great comfort.

If you want more luxury, the Citta mattresses might be an ideal choice. It is a more luxurious version of Omega mattress. Its foam is made of durable latex material.

The Zeus and the Hera mattresses are the fusion variety. These are soft, long lasting, and comfortable. These are studded with spring pockets for maximum comfort. These have a single layer of cotton fabric on both sides of the polyether foam.

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    – Herman Swan

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