Inner Spring Futon Bed Mattress Coils?

Compared to the top layers that are found in innerspring futon mattresses, the futon coils are more important and more vital. Of the different kinds of mattresses that are available in the market, some of the mattresses feature a higher number of coils while others possess a lower number.

But contrary to the popular perception that higher numbers of inner spring coils ensures more comfort, the truth is quite different.

In contemporary times, the technology has evolved quite a bit and instead of the numbers of innerspring coils, it is the technique that the manufacturers are using to install the coils, that is contributing to the comfort factor. There are 800 to 300 coils in majority of the mattresses that are used in current times.

The bigger the size of the mattress more will be the number of coils in it. Ideally, a huge number of coils should ensure more comfort and better support to the spinal cord and the joints.

However, perhaps you don’t know but today, different varieties of coils are available.  But when you use larger varieties of coils instead of the normal sized varieties, then using even 300 coils will give you equal comfort as the 800 coils variety.

Let me debunk another myth that you will derive better support from your futon if it is firmer than normal. A firm mattress means the back of the body will be kept straight when you sleep on the mattress. And this will result in lesser backaches.

That is the reason why doctors always recommend firm mattresses. But the futon mattresses that are currently in use have been developed in such a way that they know how to adjust themselves to the shape of our bodies.

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