Futon Bed Mattress Versus Waterbed Showdown

Both the futon and the waterbed are considered unconventional beds. While a futon is a bed that can easily comfort into a full length sofa in a few easy steps, a waterbed is a mattress filled with water that allows you to literally sleep on water. Waterbeds can be extremely fun while futons are extremely flexible. So which is the right choice for you? We’ve looked at the pros and cons in regards to convenience and comfort so you can make an informed decision on the type of bed best suited to your needs.


  • There is no denying that a futon is the most convenient type of bed out there. It is easy to move because the mattress is designed with flexibility in mind. Furthermore, most futons come with a wooden frame that is much easier to set up and move around than the traditional bed structure. They are a space saver and wallet cruncher, especially for those just starting out.
  • A waterbed, on the other hand, is anything but convenient. In most instances you will need a waterbed wooden frame structure that can support a waterbed mattress. You cannot put a waterbed mattress anywhere. Another big issue with waterbeds is that, well, they are water beds. This means they can easily pop if something sharp sits on it, including a pet. Many apartment buildings do not allow waterbeds due to the fact that, if it leaks, then there is quite a big disaster to clean up.


  • Many people assume that a futon is not going to be very comfortable. After all, isn’t it just a glorified sofa? This is actually not true. A futon mattress is made out of several different material including cotton, polyester and foam. You can choose the weight of the mattress depending on your support and firmness needs and wants. Most people admit that a futon is less comfortable than a traditional inner spring or therapeutic foam mattress but it is definitely a step up from sleeping on a sofa.
  • There’s no denying that the water bed is fun. However, most people would agree that the water bed mattress is also extremely comfortable, supportive and soothing. The light rocking motion can ease people into sleep while the softness of the water is helpful on the back and other aches and pains. Of course, this is all a matter of taste. For those who get seasick, then perhaps a water bed is not the best option.
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