August Lotz Futon Bed Mattress

August Lotz is one of the oldest names in the field of convertible sofa furniture. They offer a wide range of wood furniture, futon, and futon mattresses and covers. Their futon mattresses are available in different sizes, materials, and colors. These mattresses are comfortable and long lasting.

Utmost care is taken by August Lotz to ensure that only quality mattresses reach the customers. They use blended cotton, different kinds of foam and Everwell Bonnel spring in their mattresses. Superior craftsmanship and processes are used to manufacture them. All the mattresses have plastic mesh netting and are machine stuffed and tufted. These manufacturing processes allow least setting of the mattress with use. They also ensure uniform and proper distribution of the material. Thus, these mattresses give great comfort to the users and last long.

August Lotz futon mattress range is divided into seven types – Traditional, Sierra, Comfort spring, Signature Spring Futon, Harmony, Harmony plus and Cloud 9 mattresses. If you are looking for August Lotz futon mattress, then here is a brief description of their futon mattresses:

Fashion Bedgroup – Futon Mattress And Furniture Wide Range

There’s good news for all Fashion Bedgroup lovers – the furniture brand is offering 30-50 percent discount on its line of beds! Well, this is one thing to consider. Another thing is the futon mattresses.

Most of the users complain that futon mattresses tend to slide down on the furniture frame. This happens when the furniture has an ultra glossy surface or you’ve just bought the mattress from the store and it’s all fluffy and new.

There are ways to tackle this “slipping” problem of brand new futon mattresses. This is neither a product defect nor some serious issue. Just get some gripper strips. Fix one roll to the front part of your futon seat and the other roll on the top back. This strip has adhesive that prevents your mattress from slipping. The top of the strip is foam. This creates resistance between the mattress and strip, thus, keeping it in its place.

Rug stopper is yet another way to stop your beautiful Fashion Bedgroup futon mattress from sliding down. Just insert the rug under the mattress. It will create a friction and keep the mattress firmly at its place.

There’s also something called Form Fitter mattress straps available in the market. They are made of nylon webbing of 1 inch width and feature sturdy plastic buckles. The strap fits snugly in the mattress creases and becomes invisible. It holds your mattress firmly and does not let it move even an inch.

Futon mattresses have become one of the most preferred materials for futon furniture due to their remarkable features. Just a little slipping problem shouldn’t let you change your decision of buying a futon mattress. These mattresses are known to serve you for years together without showing signs of wear and tear. However, if you really want your mattress to live for an extended period of time, flip it regularly. This will make it wear out uniformly from both sides.

Fashion Bedgroup has a wide range of futon furniture that oozes style and pure comfort. Such furniture teamed with a top quality futon mattress is what you’d wish for a perfect summer afternoon.