Fatboy Futon Couches And Mattresses – Multipurpose Furniture

Elegant to look at, cozy, comfortable and easy to maintain are the most attractive features in furniture. Today there is a huge variety of dual-purpose furniture that combines all these features and can be used just about anywhere – indoors and outdoors.

Futon couches, multipurpose beanbags, futon mattresses, ottomans – all these are very popular. And if you thought futons or futon mattresses were for student dorms, just think again!

Futon couches come in a variety of designs as do futon mattresses. The mattresses can be used with the futon frame, or as a standalone piece of furniture based on the type of futon mattress you choose. You get futon frames as the standard bi-fold futon, tri-fold futon, loungers, and futon chairs that can be used with ottomans as a bed. Futons can be arranged in different positions based on the frame, as seating arrangements or opened out to make regular beds.

One of the most well-known brands today – Fatboy® which calls its products the beanbags of the 21st century is a cool piece of casually elegant furniture that you can put to use in a variety of ways. Some of these are:

  • A standalone lounger in a student’s room
  • A relaxing chair at your work place
  • A large comforting pillow for kids
  • A spare bed for the sudden guest
  • Pet lounge for your cats and dogs

Fatboy® has a variety of designs and based on which one you choose, they are made out of nylon/polyester fabric with a water-resistant PVC coat. If you have small kids around the house, you’ll be happy to know that these are stain resistant and easy to clean. What makes these loungers-relaxers-beds comfortable is the filling of virgin polystyrene beads.

You can choose from a variety of colors and opt for the regular lounger or a junior version for your kids. Many people consider a Island Fatboy 21st Century Beanbag as a must-have piece of furniture. You can even carry it to the beach to enjoy basking in the sun.

The Fatboy® brand has trendy beanbags, loungers and ottomans that can be used with or without futons and also put together as a combination of shapes to suit your décor. Fatboy ® the Original Beanbag and other products ship free.

While looking at futon couches, futon mattresses and beanbags, you might also want to check out other reputable brands as well.