Futon Mattress Reviews of Otis Bed

Here’s a quick mattress review of the Otis Bed Futon. Otis Bed Manufacturing was founded in 1882 by Mr. George Otis at Buffalo.

The company has grown over the generations to become one of the most respected brands of mattresses. They manufacture a wide range of mattresses including futons, day bed mattresses, RV mattresses, boat mattresses, truck mattresses, and allergy free mattresses.

Otis has developed cotton free futon mattress i.e. mattresses made only with polyester and high-density foam. This helps to overcome the drawbacks of the 100% cotton mattress, which absorbs sweat and hence harbors germs; and which may also become saggy and lumpy after using for some time.

The foam in these futon mattresses provides full support to the body, while the polyester provides the softness required. These mattresses retain their shape and are comfortable. They can easily withstand the folds and unfolds and do not wear out as quickly as 100% cotton futon mattresses do.

Otis Bed Manufacturing has a wide variety in futon mattress. You can find a futon mattress for everyday use or for occasional use. You can find them with varying comfort level from very soft to very firm. These are available in different thickness, sizes, and weights.

You also have one for different kinds of frames like bi-fold, tri-fold or a platform bed. For e.g, Haley 150 is an 8” thick extra firm mattress which can be used on platform bed whereas Luxury is a super soft mattress which can be used as bi-fold.

Some of the futon mattresses supplied by Otis bed for occasional use are Niagara, Jamison, Stratosphere, and the Otis Z. For everyday use they have Cazenovia, Luxury and Haley.

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