The Springless Beauty Called Futon Bed Mattresses

As you know already, futon beds which are rather popular in western countries like USA and Canada, actually originated in the Far East in Japan. The Japanese futons are quite different from their American counterparts and they serve different purposes from the American ones. And these Japanese futons are quite environment friendly since cotton batting is used to manufacture these mattresses.

The Japanese people are quite aesthetically inclined and the proof of this lies in the fact that they like to air their futon mattresses once in a while and rid the mattresses of dirt, dust mites and microorganisms by keeping the mattresses in direct and strong sunlight throughout the day and then, with the help of a tool or a bamboo stick, they beat the blues out of the mattress. This practice is certainly very healthy as the mattress can be got rid of bacteria and germs, without much pain or effort.

In western countries, the futon mattress is used rather differently. No one dreams of separating the bed frame from the mattress, just so that it can receive an airing. Americans don’t like to store away their futons and pack them up in remote closets nor do they like to provide their futons with daily airings.

The futon bed mattress occupies pride of place on the bed frame throughout the day and at night the couch is drawn out and stretched out to transform it into a comfy bed. Foam style batting is used to manufacture western futons and this makes it all the more environment friendly.

While the Japanese futons are lighter, the American counterparts are heavier and thicker and the Americans prefer Springless mattresses. But of course, you have the full freedom to purchase an inner spring futon bed mattress, but I have discussed that topic in another article in details.

When you have limited space in your house or apartment and cannot accommodate an extra bed or sofa in your living space or maybe in the guest room, this multi purpose futon bed cum sofa will provide an efficient solution to all your space problems and the best part is that, futons are healthy for your spine and comfortable as well.

Inner Spring Futon Bed Mattresses Facts and Information

When you purchase inner spring futon bed mattresses, you have to keep a few points in mind which I am going to describe in this article. Inner spring futon bed mattresses are usually heavy and therefore they are difficult to fold and store away like the other futon counterparts.

But on the other hand, heavier inner spring mattresses are supposed to provide better comfort and better support to the backbone and the spinal joints. It is always advisable to go for firm inner spring futon bed mattresses since the back will be kept in one straight line on the mattress and when you sleep on such a firm mattress, it will eliminate your back ache, pain and other commonly reported aches.

Although in previous times, the mattresses had to be adjusted manually by ourselves, to fit our form, in current times, the mattresses which are selling like hot cakes in the market will automatically take on the shape of your body and adjust to the contour.

In order to keep the back straight, physicians advise people on sleeping on their tummies or on the back. But since, people nowadays, like to sleep on their sides and the body therefore requires a special kind of support, you have to see that your inner spring futon bed mattress isn’t too firm, for that will create problems.

To cut out aches and pains, while sleeping on your sides, you should opt for a softer futon mattress. This latter one will provide more comfort to your body when you sleep at night, it will take on the shape of your curvature.

In conclusion I will add that it is always wiser to invest in superior quality inner spring futon bed mattresses, even if they set you back by more than you had bargained for. Synthetic staples aren’t that good for your health. So it is best that you settle for natural fibers. And when looking at the coils, test the structure of coils.