August Lotz Futon Bed Mattress

August Lotz is one of the oldest names in the field of convertible sofa furniture. They offer a wide range of wood furniture, futon, and futon mattresses and covers. Their futon mattresses are available in different sizes, materials, and colors. These mattresses are comfortable and long lasting.

Utmost care is taken by August Lotz to ensure that only quality mattresses reach the customers. They use blended cotton, different kinds of foam and Everwell Bonnel spring in their mattresses. Superior craftsmanship and processes are used to manufacture them. All the mattresses have plastic mesh netting and are machine stuffed and tufted. These manufacturing processes allow least setting of the mattress with use. They also ensure uniform and proper distribution of the material. Thus, these mattresses give great comfort to the users and last long.

August Lotz futon mattress range is divided into seven types – Traditional, Sierra, Comfort spring, Signature Spring Futon, Harmony, Harmony plus and Cloud 9 mattresses. If you are looking for August Lotz futon mattress, then here is a brief description of their futon mattresses:

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